What equipment should I bring?

A generic list is available for each shipment type:

Canoe-camping list
Showshoes-yurt list

This list will also be sent to you as a reminder by your designated contact person 14 days before the start of the expedition.

Feel free to contact us on Facebook, by email or by phone for any specific questions or clarifications you may have!

What about rain?

Activities will take place rain or shine.
It will be the responsibility of Canadiana Escapes and the guides in charge of the expedition to adjust the schedule, the route and make any other necessary modifications for the smooth running of the activity.


Transportation is possible for your adventure. Please choose this option when you will sign up for a specific trip. 
The main meeting point is located near the Bonaventure station in Montreal. 

Meeting points on the south shore of Montreal are generally available for our winter trips. Also, meeting points on the or north shore of Montreal are generally available for our summer trips. 

Interior parking is available at our main meeting point. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before the indicated departure time.

Required experience?

No outdoor experience is required to enjoy your escape 🙂
However, normal physical fitness is a minimum to be able to enjoy the activity even better.

Drinking water?

The advice is to fill your bottles with water as soon as you leave.
However, we have a wonderful supply of drinking water in Quebec.

It is possible to take water directly from the lake (especially in the running water space and with a depth of at least 4 feet), or from the river, but this is not advisable due to the variable side effects compared to the different unidentified minerals contained in unfiltered water.

Rules and Regulations

  • Mandatory respect for guides
  • Marijuana accepted in reasonable doses
  • Alcohol also accepted in reasonable doses
  • No touching with the guides is allowed, under penalty of immediate expulsion
  • Respect for the material provided
  • Contact the guides for any missing items or problems as soon as possible


A tip of $20 per person per day of travel is recommended, and is not included in the cost of the activity. It is a reward for the good humour, all the work accomplished and the contagious passion of our guides! 

However, this is a tip that is at your discretion!

Cancellation policy?

A deposit of at least 25 % must be issued to Canadiana Escapes to ensure your reservation and dates. The balance must be fully paid 25 calendar days before the departure date.

  • More than 25 days before departure: 75 % of the total price will be refunded
  • D24- D8: 50 % of the full price will be refunded
  • D7-0: No refund possible

Mobile coverage? 

During your nature vacation with us, please notice that we will be in a remote area. There is no mobile coverage, no wifi, no data network. Take this opportunity to be at peace in nature and unwind.

However, the network will be available en route. 

Release of responsibilities?

Here is a document that you will need to sign for your outdoors expedition. This is a disclaimer for contingencies, as well as a disclaimer for property losses. However, your participation is conditional on your signature, at the beginning of the expedition, with the guides.

Summer disclaimer

Winter disclaimer 

The guides will have with them one printed copy per participant that you will sign on site.


Do you have any further questions? Contact us by phone, by email or on Facebook!

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